About Jazz Medical

Jazz Medical, LLC. was founded on the principal that every animal should be given the best possible treatment options to manage their wounds available in the market today.  We also believe that every Veterinarian and Pet Owner should have access to products that help their patients and pets. 

Our company was founded based on our own experience with our Yellow Lab, Jazz. While on a family vacation Jazz was struck by a truck while playing and experienced a significant de-gloving wound  which lead to a serious wound infection. Based on our knowledge of working in the wound care field with people, we were able to use advanced wound care products not generally available to Veterinarians or Pet Owners to help fight the infection and ultimately help heal Jazz.  

Our personal experience was the seed that caused us to believe that we could do more to help both Veterinarians and other Pet Owners by finding a way to make these products available to everyone through Jazz Medical.  

Our Company is dedicated to providing the latest technologies that help fight against wound infections and enable you to manage wounds with your patients and pets.  Many of our products are effective against even the 'antibiotic resistent' strains of MRSA, MRSP and VRE, which are becoming more prevalent in the field of veterinary medicine.

At Jazz Medical, we are dedicated to bringing you the most advanced products available.  By carefully partnering with select manufacturers from around the world we believe that the opportunity for you to help heal your animals will be significantly improved over using traditional products.  We hope you will agree!