Lisa S. Price (OWNER)

We can't thank you enough for the wonderful insight and your new product! Missy's wound has healed miraculously! She is up and about and back to herself after a second surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. We were told she would have to lose her leg since the tumor was so large and advanced. Thanks to your wonderful product she was able to have the surgery to remove the tumor, keep her leg and grow new skin! Many many thanks!


Dear Marsha,

This is the story of Sammy (who is currently Pet of the Month at our facility): Sammy is a 3 year old Male neutered Sheltie with a heart of gold and a misfortune of being the underdog at home and suffering several attacks by his sibling.

Sammy had originally presented to Coastal Veterinary Hospital 12/17/12 for wound care management continuation from previous dog attack. He had severe wounds on his back, axillas, and thoracic inlet regions. Sammy was treated with essentially whole body bandages with SSD cream and dermalone ointment for approximately one month along with laser therapy and occasional debridement of the tissues. He eventually healed over the course of the Holidays and was discharged 2-9-13 with a clean bill of health.

Sammy returned to us 2-15-13 after another traumatic dog attack incident the night before. He had wounds on his dorsal thoraco- lumbar region. An odor and discharge were exuding from several canine teeth punctures. We initiated antibiotic care, pain management, and ensured he was stable to undergo surgery. He underwent significant debridement 2-18-13. His wounds and the necrotic tissue were more extensive than previously anticipated. Thankfully, he had a thick layer of fatty tissue protecting him so only the skin and fat was removed until fresh tissue with a good blood supply was ensured. All necrotic tissue was removed and it had unfortunately involved not only close to his epaxials, but eventually formed a saddle appearance down his lateral abdominal region. This was the most severe attack I have witnessed, the damage was very extensive, and we feared for Sammy's well being. Sammy was immensely painful, however remained stable after the surgery and has remained hospitalized for daily care since that day of presentation. We had performed a culture and sensitivity of his wound and started him on appropriate antibiotic therapy. He was on numerous pain medications and his wounds were changed on a daily basis until 2-25-13.

Our Practice Manager reached out to you concerning your products and 2-27-13 we initiated the MediHoney therapy for his bandages. I prefer the Medi Honey bandages since they keep his wound more moist than his original sugar bandages and they are not painful when removed. His wounds have made RAPID improvement and as of 2-27-13 we are changing his bandage ever 2-3 days.. We will continue with the MediHoney bandage changes until his wounds are small enough to scab over and heal with second intention. We have been impressed with the significant improvement he has made and I do not believe we need to perform any additional debridement. He had a large indention of tissue that had been removed during the surgery but that has filled in. He has retained excellent blood supply to the tissues and the surface of the wound has remained healthy and moist because of your products.

We look forward to monitoring his progression and finally informing you of the day he has healed completely! It is decided that we will use MediHoney for wound care products when indicated for our patients. I certainly am interested in learning more about the scope of its reaches of this therapy in the medical field. Thank you for your interest in Sammy's case, and we have been so grateful for our partnership in his therapy! We look forward to using your products for additional patients that require wound care at Coastal Veterinary Hospital.

As I conclude, we have had excellent success while using your products to manage a challenging wound management case at Coastal. I firmly believe that your products have made his improvement possible, and I cannot thank you enough! I look forward to talking to you in the near future!


Dr Heather Avery, Associate Veterinarian

Coastal Veterinary Hospital

Garzotto VMD., CCRT., DACVS., Veterinary Surgeon

My first true trial of Jazz Medical products came with the case of a large soft tissue sarcoma on the lateral knee region of a Pit Bull mix dog that required a large skin flap to close the wound after successful tumor removal.  Unfortunately a large seroma developed post-op that resulted in loss of the distal aspect of the flap near the knee and also an area in the flank, with a large tunnel of dead space between the two areas.

The patient also developed Pseudomonas and Beta hemolytic Strep infections.

I was planning to recommend the use of a very expensive vacuum assisted closure device to help close the wound, but with Jazz Medical’s knowledgeable staff and guidance in the use of their products, the wound was able to heal and the infection cleared within 2 ½ months.  Treatment required minimal to no sedation of the patient and bandage changes that were able to be stretched out to every 3 to 7 days, minimizing patient morbidity and decreased hospitalization costs.

Medihoney has become a mainstay of wound care for the vast majority of wounds I manage at all the practices I travel to.

-C. Garzotto VMD., CCRT., DACVS.

Mobile Surgeon 

Veterinary Surgery of South Jersey 

Joy Walter, (Owner)

Most companies spend countless hours and dollars promoting their products, marketing them and coming up with creative packaging to get the consumer to purchase their product. But, that's where it ends. Jazz Medical, however is not "most companies."

When our beloved thoroughbred, London, was scheduled to come home after a week at the equine veterinary clinic with a horrific laceration to his hind leg, we were more than a little concerned with our ability to care for him. The surgeon recommended we used the product, MediHoney to help with his healing, which was expected to take 5 to 6 months. While searching for this product online we found Jazz Medical, the only distributor for this product for use in the veterinary world. Within the first three minutes of our conversation with them we learned so much about the products Jazz Medical had to offer and knew immediately that London was going to be in good hands. Jazz Medical didn't just sell us what we needed for London, they explained how each of the products worked, and showed us how to use them, and even told us how often to change the dressings and what to look for when we change them. It was amazing! From removing the adhesives to cleaning the wound, all of the products were pain free. The first day they saw London, Jazz Medical said that his healing time would be reduced significantly with these products. Four months later London was back to work and preparing to return to the show ring. 

Thank you Jazz Medical!!! 

Joy Walter and Michael Pierce

Cabin Run Equestrian, LLC.

Maci Bates (Owner)

I am an LVMT at an animal clinic in Murfreesboro, TN and my dog is a three year old toy Australian shepherd. On October 24, 2016 she got attacked by a German Shepherd. She then got a resistant infection and lost all of the skin on her abdomen. She was septic and had to have 3 plasma transfusions because the wound used all of her platelets. After all of the dead tissue came off from hydrotherapy, her veterinarian performed a surgery to try and close the wound as much as possible. Some of the wound opened back up and turned black from loss of blood supply. This is when we started the medihoney bandages. Within 12 hours, the tissue turned back purple and within 24 hours was back pink! From there, we did daily bandage changes with the medihoney and noticed that her wound was closing over a centimeter a week! Her wound is almost completely healed and she is doing great! She is my miracle dog and my veterinarian and I are very pleased to say that medihoney has helped save her life! I will be sending pictures of her wounds just so that you all can see how bad her wound was and how fast she has healed! Thank you all so much!