Anni the Toy Australian Shepherd

[Warning: Some images may be graphic, please use discretion]

I am an LVMT at an animal clinic in Murfreesboro, TN and my dog is a three year old toy Australian shepherd. One October 24, 2016 she got attacked by a German Shepherd. She then got a resistant infection and lost all of the skin on her abdomen. She was septic and had to have 3 plasma transfusions because the wound used all of her platelets. After all of the dead tissue came off from hydrotherapy, her veterinarian performed a surgery to try and close the wound as much as possible. Some of the wound opened back up and turned black from loss of blood supply. This is when we started the medihoney bandages. Within 12 hours, the tissue turned back purple and within 24 hours was back pink! From there, we did daily bandage changes with the medihoney and noticed that her wound was closing over a centimeter a week! Her wound is almost completely healed and she is doing great! She is my miracle dog and my veterinarian and I are very pleased to say that medihoney has helped save her life! I will be sending pictures of her wounds just so that you all can see how bad her wound was and how fast she has healed! Thank you all so much!

-Maci Bates

ANNI: 11/1/16 - Before the dead tissue came off.

11/5/16 - After the dead tissue fell off.

11/14/16 - After the first surgery.

11/16/16 - Started using Medihoney.

11/16/16 - 12 hours after using Medihoney.

11/17/16 - 24 hours after using Medihoney.