Sammy the Sheltie Collie

Sammy is a wonderful Sheltie Collie who was attacked by another dog for the second time.  She incurred multiple bite wounds across her back and developed a nasty infected wound.  She was brought to Coastal Veterinary Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida where her owner lives, but is currently deployed overseas with our military forces.


Here is a picture of Sammy when she arrived at the clinic on February 15th.  And while she was in good spirits she was in need of help.  Coastal Veterinary Hospital cleaned and irrigated the wounds and began treating it with traditional wound products including gauze and a cover dressing.   

This is what Sammy's wound looked like on February 16th after her dressing change.   You can see that the 'dark' part of the wound is necrotic or 'dead' tissue.  In order to promote wound healing this tissue must be removed so that the body can begin to heal itself naturally.  

In order to promote faster healing the clinic surgically removed the dead tissue in order to give it a better chance to start heal. (see below)