The Story of London

WARNING:  Some of these pictures may be graphic.
This is the story of London a beautiful Blue Ribbon hunter/jumper who, until December 2013, was enjoying life on a 180 acre farm in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  All of this changed for him when on December 4th he was found in the field with a laceration on his back right distal limb that penetrated to the bone.  No one knew what had happened but everyone knew that this was serious.   
Day 1  Day 8  Day 15
              Day 1                               Day 8                               Day 15

The owner went to their emergency equine vet center where he was stabilized.  They all knew it would be a long time, if ever, before he would jump again.  Within a few days of caring for London the Veterinary Center - Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center, one of our first customers, advised the owner contact Jazz Medical.  Within 30-minutes of receiving the phone call Marsha (one of the owners) was on her way to see London and assess what products he would need.  Based on the wound size and location we knew a bandage was needed that could readily manage the large amounts of fluid that this type of wound produces, but also prevent any infection that would be life threatening for this beautiful horse. 

We began by applying MEDIHONEY Paste to the wound first to help with the prevention of infection.  This product helps to eliminate most all bacteria including MRSA and VRE.  We then choose a product that absorbs large amounts of fluid (up to 700mls) called Xtrasorb Classic.  This product absorbs and locks the fluid into the dressing so the surrounding skin doesn't become 'water-logged' and macerated.  We then used a sterile antimicrobial gauze-like wrap called Bioguard Conforming Wrap, which provided an added layer of protection against infection.  The result is that our products worked terrific and within just days we saw a huge difference as granulation began to fill in the void and cover the exposed bone!   The Veterinarian didn't have to do daily dressing changes and not once during our dressing changes did we have to administer pain medications or sedate London!  The combination of fewer dressing changes, reduced Vet visits, and less pain medication ended up saving a lot of money for the owners!  


         Week 3                              Week 6                           Week 10

All through the holidays and through the 2nd coldest winter on record in Pennsylvania, Jazz Medicals’ team of Marsha and Jim (owners) helped London and their wonderful owners Joy and Mike.  As you can imagine we became very close to the owners and are now good friends!


As we write this update, we’ve been caring for London for 11 weeks and the wound is now down to 1” x 3”.  In late March 2014, London was finally able to leave the barn and get out into the fresh air and is taking walks with no lameness or any noticeable change to his gate!   Next on his recovery schedule is to begin exercising and getting into ‘jumper’ shape for the upcoming season!  Joy, who is the owner and trainer, expects that due to the terrific products Jazz Medical provided and the quick and complete healing that London has experienced that he’ll be out there competing in no time!

London's Testimonial

Most companies spend countless hours and dollars promoting their products, marketing them and coming up with creative packaging to get the consumer to purchase their product. But, that's where it ends. Jazz Medical, however is not "most companies."

When our beloved thoroughbred, London, was scheduled to come home after a week at the equine veterinary clinic with a horrific laceration to his hind leg, we were more than a little concerned with our ability to care for him. The surgeon recommended we used the product, MediHoney to help with his healing, which was expected to take 5 to 6 months. While searching for this product online we found Jazz Medical, the only distributor for this product for use in the veterinary world. Within the first three minutes of our conversation with them we learned so much about the products Jazz Medical had to offer and knew immediately that London was going to be in good hands. Jazz Medical didn't just sell us what we needed for London, they explained how each of the products worked, and showed us how to use them, and even told us how often to change the dressings and what to look for when we change them. It was amazing! From removing the adhesives to cleaning the wound, all of the products were pain free. The first day they saw London, Jazz Medical said that his healing time would be reduced significantly with these products. Four months later London was back to work and preparing to return to the show ring. 

Thank you Jazz Medical!!! 

-Joy Walter and Michael Pierce

Cabin Run Equestrian, LLC.