Tucker's Testimonial

[Warning: Some images may be graphic, please use discretion] 


My first true trial of Jazz Medical products came with the case of a large soft tissue sarcoma on the lateral knee region of a Pit Bull mix dog that required a large skin flap to close the wound after successful tumor removal.  Unfortunately a large seroma developed post-op that resulted in loss of the distal aspect of the flap near the knee and also an area in the flank, with a large tunnel of dead space between the two areas.

The patient also developed Pseudomonas and Beta hemolytic Strep infections.

I was planning to recommend the use of a very expensive vacuum assisted closure device to help close the wound, but with Jazz Medical’s knowledgeable staff and guidance in the use of their products, the wound was able to heal and the infection cleared within 2 ½ months.  Treatment required minimal to no sedation of the patient and bandage changes that were able to be stretched out to every 3 to 7 days, minimizing patient morbidity and decreased hospitalization costs.

Medihoney has become a mainstay of wound care for the vast majority of wounds I manage at all the practices I travel to.


-C. Garzotto VMD., CCRT., DACVS.

Mobile Surgeon 

Veterinary Surgery of South Jersey 


TUCKER: 2/11/14- Resulting wound caused by Seroma complications and after initial debridement.

TUCKER: 4/29/14- Wound healed after 2 1/2 months of bandaging and use of Jazz Medical Products.